Find and Fix the Blind Spots That Stop You From Seeing the Best Solutions to Your Biggest Marketing Challenges

As a leader, solving difficult marketing problems is a critical part of your job. But what do you do when your plan A, B, and C simply aren’t working?

We All Have Blind Spots

It’s easy to assume that expertise makes us better problem solvers. But in truth, experience can actually be a barrier to innovation. Most people simply move forward with the first idea, solution, or best practice they can think of.

That kind of reactive approach to problem solving can block us from seeing much better marketing options — especially when we’re under pressure to solve a problem quickly.

We instinctively go right to answer mode, stick with our most familiar set of ideas, and latch onto the first “best” solution that presents itself.

And once we jump to a solution, we create a blind spot that may prevent us from seeing much better options.

Fix Your Marketing Blind Spots by Asking Better Questions

To find and fix the blind spots that stop you from seeing the best option, you need to pause, ask questions that challenge your assumptions, and reframe marketing problems so you can see them from multiple angles.

How I Can Help

Together, we’ll find and fix these marketing blind spots, reframe your marketing challenges to open up better solutions, and create a marketing plan that focuses on the most important actions.

Click here to book a free one-on-one 60-minute video coaching call. A time for you and I to talk about:

  • A challenging marketing problem that you’re facing right now.
  • Your go-to creative and problem solving process. What’s working? What’s not working?
  • The obstacles that you feel may be getting in the way of your best creative thinking (time constraints, stress, overwhelm, etc.).

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If we decide that we’re a good fit for each other, you can choose from the following coaching package options:

  1. Hourly one-on-one coaching — $175 per 60-minute session (pay as you go).
  2. Unlimited one-on-one coaching — $1,950 per month (includes unlimited access via Zoom/phone. Sessions can be scheduled one at a time after each call).

Team coaching is also available. Please contact me for details and rates.

Click here to schedule your free one-on-one 60-minute video coaching call.